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Let's Build You a Beautiful Brand

My mission is to bridge the gap between great products and beautiful design to help elevate brands worldwide online.


I am here to inspire small and mid cap businesses to shine. I am here to create brand loyalty, share your product story and instill authentic and relevant relationships for your brand with Influencers. I use a thoughtful and strategic approach to strengthen the foundation of your business that will resonate with your clients and customers for years to come. Take a look around and contact me if you would like to get your brand and business to the next level.

Meet Janaina

Janaina von Moos is a digital entrepreneur and the creator of @janainavonmoos & cofounder of, a social media service business based in Lucerne, Switzerland. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Law from the University of Lucerne.

Janaina began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2009 by when she cofounded her own recruitment agency for young professionals (

That is where she started working with social media and started setting up employer branding strategies for stock listed companies.

Later she graduated from IIN to become a holistic health coach and set up her international nutrition coaching business in over 18 countries and in 6 different languages just by using social media. In fact, this was a great adventure… Working remote from anywhere and setting the calls for the right time zone!

Janaina has had the opportunity to conduct workshops and speeches about Social Media for small cap and international companies, mainly in Switzerland.

Janaina feels incredibly lucky to make a living doing what she loves, including providing highly personalized social media strategies, design, and photography services to clients and brands. She is passionate about developing her personal style of living “pura Vida”, helping others to grow their digital brands, and inspiring her followers through creative photography on Instagram @janainavonmoos.

Janaina is happy to offer online one-on-one sessions for strategic setup.
Please book your first 30 min for free here.