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Social Media has the potential to bring you incredible value with the right strategy. That’s why I am dedicated to helping you gain exposure online and grow your following by building trust with real users who actually engage with your content.

Janaina is happy to offer online one-on-one sessions for strategic setup.
Please book your first 30 min for free here.

Social Media & Content Strategies

Individual Consulting

These strategy consultations are a way to pick my brain while getting actionable advice and tips on moving your business forward. Branding, web design, marketing, social media, public relations, working with brands, monetization, photography, business strategy and more! These consultations are designed to meet your specific needs by:

  • Growing your following with real users in your niche
  • Increasing engagement on your posts with likes and comments from your audience
  • Building trust with your community by interacting with your target audience
  • Driving traffic back to your website and increasing sales and ROI

What you receive

You will get personal, undivided attention to discuss all of your social media questions and get feedback on a customized strategy that will work for you. We can talk about specific platforms, your marketing strategy, your questions about best practices, and any other social media topics that you’re struggling to find solutions for.

I provide you with actionable suggestions, creative feedback, as well as individual details for each social media platform and your personal website. This information includes goals and expectations as well as detailed tips on how to improve your existing profiles, what content to post and when, and what tactics and methods to employ. I also focus on providing you with the best time management tips and options to ensure you see the maximum return on your time commitment.

Social Media & Content Strategies

3 Month Coaching Program

Together we will lay the foundation for your online business.

Week 1

Analyze the layout of your current business

Week 2

Marketing Part I
Business Plan & Goal Setting
Offline Marketing Strategies Organic Marketing on Social Media

Week 3

Analysis of your marketing and personal branding

Week 4

Online Appearance & Personal Branding

Week 5

Communication & Sales Strategies 

Week 6

List Building Strategies

Week 7

Develop your online offers

Week 8

Marketing Part II
Email Marketing Automation
Paid marketing on social media

Week 9

Catching up with anything not yet completed (Q & A)
Mindset tasks

Week 10

Create 90 day plan

Week 11

Start 90 day plan

Week 12

Analyze 1 week out of 90 daily schedule
Daily Business Strategies for a 6-Digit Business


Janaina accompanied and supported me not only in the field of social media with the right strategy for me, but also on the personal level. Thanks to her, I have developed a lot further. To have her on my side as a coach and to benefit from her great know-how was incredibly valuable to me on my way to becoming self-employed.

Andrea Steiner


Strawberries 'n' Champagne


Janaina von Moos is a digital native – especially in the area of social media (Facebook and Instagram) I do not know anyone who has a better grip on his terrain. With more than 39,000 followers on Facebook and a dozen communities she manages – Janaina is an absolute role model for me. An insane motivation and power woman. For me it is an honor and a great pleasure to pursue projects and dreams together with Janaina...

Alma Cilurzo



Janaina is happy to offer online one-on-one sessions for strategic setup.
Please book your first 30 min for free here.