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Alma Cilurzo

Janaina von Moos is a digital native – especially in the area of social media (Facebook and Instagram) I do not know anyone who has a better grip on his terrain. With more than 39,000 followers on Facebook and a dozen communities she manages – Janaina is an absolute role model for me. An insane motivation and power woman.

For me it is an honor and a great pleasure to pursue projects and dreams together with Janaina. Noteworthy are your community skills and social media Haks, with more than 6 languages Janaina von Moos manages her social media business (empire ???? multilingual and international.) Hats off – I’m thrilled – continue to do what you love Janaina – the world lies at your feet – both online and offline. Your power will move mountains – I’m absolutely sure.

Christian Tandler

I was able to experience Janaina von Moos a year ago as a lecturer at an Instagram Meetup for the first time. She was able to convey the topic easily and comprehensibly and her enthusiasm for social media immediately became very contagious.

Soon a very good and innovative cooperation developed from this first meeting. Initially, Janaina coached me and helped me build my online reputation. Meanwhile, she has become an indispensable network partner and together we offer her expertise to my clients.

I particularly appreciate her creative approaches, the practice-oriented way of working and look forward to a long-term and successful cooperation.

Andrea Steiner

Janaina accompanied and supported me not only in the field of social media with the right strategy for me, but also on the personal level. Thanks to her, I have developed a lot further. To have her on my side as a coach and to benefit from her great know-how was incredibly valuable to me on my way to becoming self-employed.

Janaina is happy to offer online one-on-one sessions for strategic setup.
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